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Whatҳ your favorite double Kettlebell movement?? Few things build

Video is not supported in your browserWhat’s your favorite double Kettlebell movement?? Few things build explosiveness like picking up a pair of kettlebells and swinging them. Even light bells add up. A pair of 24kgs = 48kg Load and my trunk doesn’t know the difference. The staggered swing (one between the legs and one outside) will build incredible glute strength and the bulk of the work per swing is performed on one leg. The was real Adding in some antagonistic work in the form of sprawl variations helps keep everything engaged and balanced. Alternated 20 seconds of work with 40 seconds of rest for 20 total rounds. Switched up the versions as I felt. Do 10 and 10 if you don’t feel like being creative or just 20 of one version if you feel like just getting it done. . . . #kettlebellkings #kettlebellswings #strengthbymarcus #kettlebellexercises* This article was originally published here

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